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    By Lucy Gray

    We have decided to publicly publish the training user manual usually provided to our new resellers as a reference point. The manual highlights some of our software features and provides in-depth analysis about our products and solutions.

    1- What is Simply POS

    Simply POS, a division of SASSCO Pty Ltd, is a point of sale Software Company targeting customers seeking a non-cloud point of sale system. Simply POS by Sassco (program) is used in over 1,200 venues in Australia. Customer range varies from restaurants, coffee shops, pizza restaurants, takeaway and fast food businesses. In essence, we provide non-cloud software solutions to businesses that require a system that handles cash flow, stock and reservations.

    Difference between Simply POS & Sassco

    Both Simply POS and Sassco are owned by SASSCO Pty Ltd. Sassco (point of sale) is a cloud-based POS software suite which consists of a combination of Apps designed for iOS and Android. Simply POS is the Windows version of Sassco and works only on Windows Computers.

    2- Types of Software

    Simply POS, the software, is mainly a POS (pronounced poz) program that handles a few basic features such as: creating a sale, managing stock, staff and customers, exporting sales and stock reports, printing end of day reports, time and attendance as well as table reservations and more, however, we have a few other software available for purchase, they are as follows:

    • - Waiter POS - $995 per license
    • - Kitchen/Coffee Display (Also known as Bump System) $995 per license
    • - Online Table Reservation - $995 per license
    • - Online Ordering - $1,495 one-off setup fee, then $395 yearly
    • - POS Reports App - $995 per license per branch

    3- Software in Detail

    This is a combination of Front Office (what employees use to process sales) and Back Office (administrator program that handles managerial tasks such as reporting, managing staff and stock etc…). Price, if purchased independently, is $995 for Front Office and $995 for Back Office. However, we sell these as part of bundles! Example: Surface Pro bundle which includes all hardware/software is only $2,995:

    Waiter POS is a small program that can be installed on any iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone/tablet. It allows employees to process orders right from the table. The way it works is simple – staffs bring an iPad Mini to the table, take the order and send it. Coffee items are printed at the coffee machine; kitchen items are printed inside the kitchen printer (or sent to the bump system). All of this is done instantly and wirelessly.

    These Apps are free for download from the App Store and Google Play.

    A bump system is what you see at McDonald's – it's a mounted computer screen that displays a list of all items. Example: customer walks in, orders a Large Latte, Skim Milk. Once the order is processed, the item is displayed on the screen for the barista. Once the coffee is made, the barista clicks a button on a numpad attached to the screen to “bump if off”.

    Bump screens are usually a replacement for the docket/thermal printers.

    For customers wanting an online ordering solution, we have EatsApp (owned by SASSCO Pty Ltd). EatsApp is a small web application for our customers to offer their customers an online mean for placing orders. EatsApp is also available for iOS and Android.

    As an example, a pizza restaurant would want their customers to place orders online on their website. They also want their customers to download an App for processing orders. These orders are downloaded onto Simply POS and printed inside the kitchen – instantly.

    Price for EatsApp is $1,495. There is a compulsory $395 per year fee (after the first year) for us to update their menus and host their information online.

    Simply POS Back Office has advanced reporting available when accessed inside the restaurant, however, some customers want full access to these reports on their mobile phones, thus why we have this amazing App.

    POS Reports App works on iOS and Android, it connects over Internet and extracts all sales data to display in a nice visual format (chart) for viewing. Our customers can view sales, LIVE, as they happen directly on their smartphone or tablets. The App provides critical information such as cash flow reports, discounts, deleted order report and some charts. Customers who purchase this App can have direct control over their restaurants even while they're no physically at the location.

    The App is free for download for iPhone and Android.

    4- Simply POS Advantages

    • - Simply POS does NOT use Internet and/or cloud for storage. All data is stored locally.
    • - Simply POS does NOT have an ongoing fee structure. Licenses are lifetime.
    • - Our profit is on software only. All hardware are sold at cost price +-5%
    • - Simply POS (owned by SASSCO Pty Ltd) is 100% Australian owned and operated.
    • - Free software updates for life!
    • - All software are designed by Sassco. They inter-integrate naturally by default.

    Important: Simply POS does not have a compulsory ongoing fee, however – we recommend that all customers renew their yearly online technical support to receive technical feedback from our staff, in case their system goes down. This fee is only $220 per year, although optional, we highly recommend it.

    All bundles purchased from us directly come with a 1 year free online technical support where customers can “chat live” with us via a small application installed on the machine. We also have an online ticketing support forum or they can email support directly:

    5- Bundles and Pricings

    Simply POS is a Microsoft Windows program; it works on any “windows” operating system. We offer complete bundles/packages available for plug/play.

    Restaurants often want a rugged and super-powerful computer: $4,495 includes all hardware/software.

    Cafes usually prefer something slick and more compact: $3,995 includes all hardware/software.

    Tablet solution, this is by far the most popular system of all: $2,995 includes all hardware/software.

    Additional hardware/services include:

    • - Onsite POS installation in NSW/VIC: $880 (this also includes 3 hour staff training)
    • - Epson thermal printers $360
    • - Epson kitchen impact 2 PLY printers $490
    • - Cash Drawer $120

    Important: we do NOT run cables onsite, customer needs to contact certified electricians for that.


    Simply POS doesn't offer any type of discount to basic bundles! Restaurants or cafes that require more than 1 terminal and Waiter POS systems are offered a small discount percentage.

    The reason why we don't offer discounts is because our margin of profit is based on software only. 95% of our sales are done through our resellers and select dealers, so in essence when we sell to customers directly; these prices are already discounted and are unbeatable – nationwide.

    Unbeatable Prices

    Overall, we are unbeatable in price because we own the software; if we sell it for $1 – we've made $1 profit. Most other companies in Australia have to purchase a license fee from the software manufacturer in the United States or India.

    Keep in mind that there are some “iPad pos” companies that sell systems at more competitive prices. These solutions are not in direct competition with Simply POS as our software solution is faster, more efficient and has no ongoing fees and/or Internet cloud hosting.

    6- FAQs

    Any instalment payment plans?

    Yes, we offer a 50% upfront 50% over 12 months at 0% interest to some customers (advanced solutions).

    Does Simply POS work on iPads?

    No. Simply POS is a Windows program. However, our Waiter POS works on iPad but the main POS has to be a Windows based Operating System.

    How is support handled?

    Simply POS comes with a free “chat” program where customers can chat live in real time with a technician. This service is free for 12 months, then it’s $220 per year (optional to renew)

    Is menu setup included in bundles?

    Yes. All systems purchased from Simply POS directly come with a free menu setup. Customers are required to email us their simplified menu in Word document or .PDF.

    Does Simply POS require Internet to work?

    No. Simply POS is an offline program, all data is stored locally. However, Internet is needed in case customers purchase our POS Reports App and/or Online Ordering or Table Reservation software.

    Can I call for support?

    Yes. Simply POS offers a Phone Support service. It’s $1,195 per year.

    What happens if my system fails?

    Usually, we recommend restarting the wireless router and computer(s). If that doesn’t fix it, open the Chat application and type your request. One of our technicians will take you through minor steps. If the issue is caused by a software malfunction, we will send a technician onsite for a free charge. For any cabling / IT issues, we will ask you to contact your IT specialist and/or electrician.

    How stable is Simply POS?

    Our software is incredibly advanced and stable. We have been around for almost 14 years; we released new updates and upgrades weekly. Customers can download the free updates any time over Internet.

    Can I connect my EFTPOS machine?

    Yes. Simply POS integrates with PC-EFTPOS and Tyro. Almost all banks in Australia use PC-EFTPOS. Customer needs to confirm with his/her bank that they supply a PC-EFTPOS friendly terminal.

    Does Simply POS integrate with MenuLog?

    No. We have no direct integration with any online ordering except our very own EatsApp.

    Does Simply POS integrate with Xero Accounting System?

    Although there is not a direct connection between Simply POS and Xero, the back office reporting module exports reports that can be easily imported into Xero program.

    Can I backup my information?

    Yes. Simply POS Back Office has a built-in function to zip and export all information onto a small file is stored in the C drive of the machine. From there, customers can move that file to the cloud and/or onto another machine.

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